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view as browser in pre-header


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When using the Email Designer to build a template, my 'view in browser' link (and sometimes 'from' name) appear in various pre-headers, which is not a good look. How can I update the code so that the VIB link is still the first thing people see when they open the email, but the text does not appear in the pre-header view?

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Employee Advisor

Did you set a custom preheader for your mails?

I.e. click on the main mail body and set the pre-header in the properties window.

This should then be shown in most mail clients.



Hi @lecook,

Did Ramon's suggestion resolved your issue?


Sukrity Wadhwa


Level 1

Hi! I want to respond back as I'm having the same issue. I use a custom PH but the "Title" name still appears before the PH text even though that isn't in the custom PH text section as seen attached. Can you please help with this? Its mainly happening on Outlook on both mobile and PC versions at the moment.