Using data linked to profiles in an email delivery (including loops)



Hi All,


I've probably asked this before... but is there a way of using data linked to the profiles schema in ACS.


For simplicity lets say I have an Orders table linked to profiles table (1 cardinality simple link : so one occurrence of the order table can have at most one corresponding occurrence of the target table - but of course each profile record can have many order records)

Is there a way I can use the orders data in an email delivery to personalise?


My findings seem to be:
* 1-n relationship data doesn't seem to be accessible in the personalisation menu in a delivery

* OOTB Content Blocks seem to use Javascript to access data objects, but even when creating my own content blocks - replicating in this way doesn't seem to be allowed

* We are able to use workflow activities like add data/enrichment to add aggregated, deduped or even collection data to the temp schema, then this is accessible in the delivery.

The 3rd option is ok for simple use cases.

But I had an example where I have a data model like:

Profile --> Orders --> Order Items


To show all the orders and all the order items required 3 queries and 2 enrichments. Workflow collections are also limited to a defined number and store each record of the collection as it's own object. So when using this data in an email delivery, it gets rather cumbersome (not to mention risky by having to configure the max number of records COULD be needed).

 Long story short, where we have an extended data model - is there an easier way to access the linked data for email personalisation (with or without workflows) and ideally in a way we can loop through collections (either in Javascript or with functionality like how you can loop product listings for transactional messages).




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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi David,


You can do any script in ACS. So you have to bring back all data in an enrichment in  a workflow.




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