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Unable to receive Proofs


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Hi colleagues,

Hope you're doing good.

I'm trying to send email proofs through Adobe Campaign, but strangely I'm not receiving them!

I'm following all the below prescribed steps:

1. Using Adobe Campaign 6.1

2. Create a new delivery

3. Created text version of email

4. Added subject-line

5. Selected seed list recipients

6. Have Analyzed Delivery + Checked the Validation process.

7. Have 'Send a proof' delivery

Refer below screenshots. However, I'm not receiving any test-mails.



For some reasons, I'm not receiving test-mails. I'm unable to figure out.

Can anybody suggest please.



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Are you sending those tests emails from a production instance? Did you use template emails created by Deliverability for branding? (sender and reply-to correctly set). If not sending from a production instance, you are maybe sending those tests with default sender domaine (adobe.com) and it can be an issue for some ISPs.

Is there any mid-sourcing in this setup? You may look on mid-sourcing instance where stands your tests. Maybe an issue arised and those tests can't be sent out of the platform, and feedback will not be reverted to marketing instance immediately, but almost an hour after.



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Hi Arjun,

Did you get it working?

Can you provide details as xnicolas asked you?

Are you using Adobe sandbox or demo box? If yes, you have two options.

  • Ask Adobe or your account manager for Demo box mail box(RoundCube) credentials as all the emails from demo box goes to this mail box.
  • Use ".valid" in your emails like test@test.com will become test@test.com.valid




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Hi Arjun,

Do you have any update on your issue?

Let us know,