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Typology Fatique rule for recurring email


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Hi all,

we have a recurring email delivery which is triggered by a workflow which runs daily.

The recurring emails audience and schedule is defined upstream in the workflow and it is set to "Messages to be sent immediately".

We now want to setup a mechanism to make sure the email is not sent to customers twice in a 80 day window.

Our intention is to setup a Fatique Rule where only this delivery is counted and where the "Application criteria" is also set to this delivery only.

However, we have doupts that this will work because of the following:

Adobe documentation says this:

  • "Fatigue rules are compatible with all delivery types: one-shot deliveries, recurring deliveries, workflow deliveries and transactional messages."

However, it also says this:

  • "For fatigue rules to work, you need to define a contact date for your delivery. If you choose to send messages immediately, the fatigue rule will not be applied."

Hence we are not sure how a fatique rule can work for a recurring email without a set contact date.

See below the setup of the fatique rule we wish to apply.




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