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Synchronization between Adobe Launch and Campaign Standard



The synchronization between Adobe Launch and Campaign Standard has been improved by using the syncWithLaunch technical workflow.

This workflow enables automatic importing of all Adobe Launch mobile properties into Adobe Campaign Standard.


For more information, refer to this documentation: Technical workflows


For queries and/or feedback, please reach out through the community or the below comment section.


Sukrity Wadhwa
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We have a mobile property in Launch and ACS extension configured. However, the syncWithLaunch technical workflow is not completed, it says Sync through workflow is not enabled. What could be the reason for that?


Thank you in advance. 



Hi @galynai3258253 , 


This log indicates the workflow sync is not enabled. If this is not expected, follow the below mentioned steps to verify or enable sync through workflow:

1. This sync through workflow can be enabled by Non-IMS admin. Go to Administration→Application Settings→Options and enable option 'Launch_Campaign_Sync_Enabled_Through_Workflow'.

If login by Non-IMS admin is not possible then it can be changed by techops using the JS. See steps below to enable it through JS.

2. Set option through JS to enable ACS-Launch sync through technical workflow.

  • Create a file say enable.js with following content. ( To disable the option set {longvalue: "0"} )

    REST.head.option['Launch_Campaign_Sync_Enabled_Through_Workflow'].patch({longValue: "1"});
  • Run this enable.js file

    Run command -> nlserver javascript -instance:<INSTANCE_NAME> -file FILE_PATH\enable.js



Sukrity Wadhwa