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A basic one -

Is there any way I can provide the read/write/delete privileges of a schema only to one Operator Group?And for the rest Operator groups it should be hidden/non accessible/readonly.

Can I do this with sys filter?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Yes, System filters let you manage the read and write permissions of entities detailed in schemas:

  • readAccess: provides read only access to schema data.
  • writeAccess: provides write access to schema data.

&These filters are entered at the main element level of the schemas and, as shown in the following examples, can be formed to restrict access:

  • Example 1:Here, the filter is used to disallow write permissions on the schema for operators without the named admin permission. This means that only administrators will have write permissions on entities described by this schema.
<sysFilter name="writeAccess"> <condition enabledIf="hasNamedRight('admin')=false" expr="FALSE"/> </sysFilter>

Example 2:

  • Here, the filter is used to disallow both read and write permissions on the schema for all operators. Only the internal account, represented by the expression "$(loginId)!=0", has these permissions.
<sysFilter name="readAccess"> <condition enabledIf="$(loginId)!=0" expr="FALSE"/> </sysFilter>  <sysFilter name="writeAccess">  <condition enabledIf="$(loginId)!=0" expr="FALSE"/> </sysFilter> 

Possible expr attribute values used to define the condition are TRUE and FALSE.