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Managing Multibrand DOI // Specific Use Case


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Hello Community.


We have a question regarding the use of the DOI. We are using the documented DOI process via two landing pages. We are using one ACS instance as multibrand. We are running about nine brands through one instance in europe. The brands are doing cross communication. Here a use case arises that we currently could not solve and need your support / opinion. It can happen in our setup that a user who already has a DOI is blacklisted again. How can we work around this?


Use Case:

  • User signs up for the newsletter of brand A
  • User confirms the subscription of brand A

  • The user is now active in ACS for newsletter communication for brand A. DOI confirmation done

  • Now the same user subscribes for brand B
  • After registering on the landing page of brand B, the user is blacklisted again (as documented in the DOI process).
  • For any reason the user does not confirm the subscription of brand B
  • Is now blacklisted, missing confirmation for brand B and can not be targeted for any email communication, also for brand A. 


How can we ensure that an existing subscription (brand A) is not blacklisted again if a user registers for brand B but does not confirm it? Can we exclude or add a transaction event or landing page?


I am grateful for any ideas.


Thanks and greetings.



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