Learning while having access to Adobe Campaign platform




I'd like to learn Adobe Campaign and I want to have access to Adobe Campaign platform to implement what I've learned to practice.

Is there any way that I could have access to Adobe Campaign platform so I could learn and apply what I've learned to a small number emails?


Answers (5)

Answers (5)



Hi Andrei,

Sadly, we don't do trials for Adobe Campaign at the moment.

I do hope you still want to access Adobe Campaign for your own testing and learning!





Pablo thanks for your reply, but I'm not working for any company at the time.

I just want to learn adobe campaign by watching your video tutorials and putting them in practice in a learning module of adobe campaign (if you have something like that)

I'm not interested in using adobe campaign for its purpose (marketing campaigning...), I just want to learn it.

Is there a way to have access to adobe campaign (free or paid) so I could just learn how to use it?

(I don't need a certification or any credential, just want to learn it for my self and if it will be needed in the future I will go for certification)