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How to achieve N:N relationship between two custom resources


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i have a requirement as following.

I am running profile import workflow where my cvs file will have columns like

Email; Name; DesignationRoles




in this we have designationroles will have multiple values as comma separated. The values will be in short form so I have been asked to create a custom resource cusDesigRoles which will have two columns (key, value) where key is the short form and value is abbreviated form.


cusDesigRoles table will have some 100 designation like below and I loaded the table with 100 designations.


Key Value

TM Team manager

AE. AEM engineer 

CM CAmpaign engineer


How to map my custom profile resource with chaDesigRoles table. It is like N:N relationship. And very importantly, we should provide a feasibility to change/add designationRoles for a profile in detailed screen window for a profile edition. Ex: “CM” designRole can be added to profile “Divya” in future. Refer the sample table above.


kindly let me know how I can achieve this. What type of join condition I should use and in import workflow how to parse comma separated values for a designationRoles and map it to cusDesigRoles resource.


Thanks in advance,



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