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how do I capture a birth month for profile using an email link?


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I need to capture a subscriber's birth month (cusBirthMonth) when a subcriber clicks on one of 12 month-specific links in my email. Landing pages for each month have already been created in ACS, but I don't know how to add the birth month from the link into their profile AND send them to the appropriate landing page.  I know HTML, but no coding beyond that. FYI, I added my HTML via the legacy editor not the email designer. Below is a link I added to send them to the landing page for January. What else do I need to add to make it all work?


<a class="arc-link" data-nl-type="landingPage" href="#" data-nl-landingpage="janBirthMonth" data-nl-landingpagelabel="January Birth Month" data-nl-landingpagedynamicservice="false">January</a>


A simple solution for a HTML-only developer would be greatly appreciated.




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