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We are excited to introduce our latest innovation to enhance the Adobe Campaign user experience — the Adobe Campaign v8 Web User Interface!

How can I access Adobe Campaign?


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The first thing to do is to ask your Adobe Campaign administrator to create an account for you. He also has to add your account to a user group or give you specific rights that will allow you to perform the tasks you need in Adobe Campaign.

  • Specific to Campaign v6: to install the console, type: "http://<your Adobe Campaign server>:<port number>/nl/jsp/logon.jsp" in a browser. eg. : "https://support.neolane.net/nl/jsp/logon.jsp". A login page will appear. Enter your operator login and password, validate and click on the download link. 
    When the download has finished, run the setup-client.exe file and follow the instructions to reinstall the console, uninstall the application, or execute setup-client.exe.
    See documentation.
  • Specific to Campaign Standard: there is no console to install. Once your account is created, you receive an email inviting you to connect to Adobe Campaign via your default Web browser. You can then bookmark the Adobe Campaign homepage for later use. You will have to use the credentials provided by your administrator to log in every time your session has expired or has been closed.

Note: Adobe Campaign supports LDAP and IMS (Adobe ID) integration. 



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your client executable must be in /usr/local/neolane/nl6/datakit/nl/fra/jsp/ folder to get the download link on the server logon page.



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Thanks a lot Nolan, this saved my time. I spent a day on figuring out how to make the cline downloadable. Adobe campaign V6.1 document is incorrect https://docs.campaign.adobe.com/doc/AC6.1/en/INS_Installation_for_Windows__Client_console_availabili...  .

Its high time they correct their documentation. I wasted a lot of time on this and ended up sharing the installation file via thumb drives.