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Getting delivery id in same workflow once email is sent


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We have a use case wherein we want to tie data from input file with broadlog id for which we are looking to update delivery info once email/SMS is sent into the custom schema.

Is it possible to get it in same WF so we can do 1-1 mapping between input file parameter and corresponding delivery?

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hm, your description lacks a bit of technical details.

I try to give a generic feedback, feel free to add more questions:

  • targetData used to send the email won't be available on the broadlog, i.e. no standard 1:1 link can be done
  • information from the profile can be made available on the broadlog by defining that in the profile extension schema. If done, you can use this to do a lookup. (you also can define a temporary field, set the value, send the mail and later remove it)
  • or if you have some time information, you may lookup the broadlog by date


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Thanks for your reply Ramon.


Understood that targetData cant be made available in broadlog but using additional data, it can be made available in outbound transition of email delivery. So for 10 emails sent, there will be 10 entries in the outbound transition. Once email is sent, each of those would generate a delivery log id. This is where I want to enrich my targetData with delivery log id.


Looking up broadlog data doesnt fully solve our use case because we can have same user targetted multiple times and I cant have 1:1 mapping between the two. So I was looking for profile + 1 additional attribute to make relationship 1:!

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