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GDPR - How manage control addresses and FCP with data masking (accessibleIf attribute) ?


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Dear all,

With GDPR regulations, it is mandatory (well, at least recommended...) to mask all the Privacy Information (PII) on Adobe Campaign screens, workflows, etc, for normal operator campaign manager, operation manager, etc).
Reminder, the PII information means nominative data such as first and last name, email addresses, etc.

So, in mid-2017, Adobe introduced a new attribute in the source schemas definition, accessibleIf, that allows to implement the data masking for an element/attribute.

It works almost fine, but the campaign operators can't manage easily the FCP and control addresses and check their deliveries and targeting workflow easily, because even the FCP contacts (or control addresses for real deliveries) are not seen except their NmsRecipient.id, it is not convenient.

Can someone share any advice or use case in order to get convenient way for selective data masking?

Usually, campaign managers puts the dedicated contacts for FCP deliveries in a specif recipient folder or group/list.
So at least for the FCP, it should exist a way to manage.
The control addresses are often in the same folder than standard recipients.

What could be the accessibleIf expression to manage this use case and get the GDPR data masking rule usable for Campaign managers ?

Thank you very much in advance for your help.


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