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Filtering Delivery Recipients After Enrichment Activity?


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Seeking some advice here. I have a workflow that sends uses two audiences to send two email deliveries.

The first audience is managers, the second audience is the managers' direct reports. The second email goes directly to the second audience (direct reports); the first email is sent to managers and is a pre-emptor in that it simply alerts them that their direct reports are about to get an email. Ideally, only managers whose direct reports are receiving the second email would receive the first email, but I'm having a hard time configuring the workflow to do that. To ensure that the manager's email includes an list of their direct reports, I'm using an enrichment activity to combine the two audiences. While the enrichment activity offers the ability to filter the source data, the filter is only available for collections when I am using aggregates (because I would like it to show the count of employees who will receive the second email in addition to their names). I also can't seem to filter the manager audience based on the direct report audience within the read audience activity. Is there a way I can do this? I'm trying to set up some logic that basically works to filter out any managers whose direct reports are not in the audience of the second email (i.e. "if your direct report is not listed in this audience, you are not included in the email delivery").


I've also tried a query activity following the enrichment to see if I could filter the results that way, but the custom fields I've used to create both audiences (and which would be the targeting dimensions of the query) are not available in any query fields. 


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