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(fcm token) for Android push messages is not being registered in Campaign


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We've followed the documentation (configuring app sdk  and config app  and aep docs) and this tutorial (github getting started with push notifications android) and created and configured a sample android app to receive push notifications using fcm token provided by Firebase.

However, the device registration token (fcm token) for Android push messages is not being registered in Campaign.

We would like to emphasize that we’ve installed and configured all the necessary extensions, and published the corresponding library, referring the Launch property id on MobileCore.configureWithAppID().

We would like also to emphasize that we added the server key obtained from the corresponding configured app on Firebase.

On the app side, we would like to emphasize that we’ve installed all required AEP SDK and Firebase libraries, integrating the app with firebase (Firebase android setup)

When we install and launch the app (both AVD or real android device), we are able to generate a new ECID to each new client app installed, but the device token (fcm token) for push messages is not being registered in Campaign, even though the method MobileCore.setpushidentifier(token) being called on the main activity class that extends the MainActivity.

And from the logcat, we can tell that the fcm token is being successfully retrieved from Firebase (see logcat_got_token.png), before being passed to MobileCore.setpushidentifier();

We have already applied the troubleshootings provided (troubleshooting-guides), and we verified that:

  • an HTTP GET request to demdex passing the fcm token as a parameter is being made (see in the attached image fiddler_demdex_request.png, the fcm token: d_cid highlighted in red), however, the fcm token is not being registered/synched with the corresponding ECID (see, in the Campaign_ECID_registered.png, that the registration token field for the corresponding ECID is empty). The response for this request is a 200 OK (fiddler_demdex_request.png).

We also made sure the privacy status is opt in: MobileCore.setPrivacyStatus(MobilePrivacyStatus.OPT_IN);

Other possible solution/implementation we’ve already tried without success:

  • Extending the Firebase Messaging Service Class and retrieving the token from there using the method onNewToken(), and passing the retrieved token to MobileCore.setpushidentifier() inside onNewToken() method.

Could anyone please help us with this issue?

Does demdex communicates directly with Launch (or campaign) for ECID and fcm token registration?

Does demdex tries to communicate with Firebase to validate the fcm token? (Because sending requests to demdex via postman even with "dumb" tokens returned 200 OK (see postman print)

Also, anyone knows what's the key "tid" in the response body of demdex request?

Thanks in advance!





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Please contact support as @Sebastiane_Edberg_ commented.

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I think you have the same problem as we had, contacted support and they solved this issue with fcm token not getting registered properly in ACS mobile application


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Please contact support as @Sebastiane_Edberg_ commented.