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Custom dynamic tracking labels


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I'm currently working on a workflow where a flat file is loaded and has the following structure:


[{"title": "Title 1", "url": "url-comes-here"},{"title": "Title 2, "url": "url-comes-here2"}]

I do an enrichment with the profiles and the imported data and pass it to the delivery.
In the delivery, I do the following:

<% var content = JSON.parse(context.content);

   content.forEach(function(item) { %>

   <p><a href="http://blabla.com/<%= item.url %>" _label="<%= item.title %>"><%= item.title %></a></p>

<% }); %>

If I check the "Tracked URLs" section, I see this:

Schermafbeelding 2018-11-14 om 14.56.49.png

I would expect, if I test this and click on the links and check the tracking logs afterwards, that the label is translated to either "Title 1" or "Title 2", but it just shows "<%= item.title %>"

Can anyone help me out here?

Kind regards,


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