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Adobe Campaign Standard - Appending Link Label to Email Links


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I'm trying to figure out how I can append the Link Label to all clicks in our emails, and in addition, the following: 

1 - See it in the address bar once link is clicked

2 - use "utm_content" to pass the link label to Adobe Analytics

Do I need to add "utm_content" to the Brand Tracking URL configuration (Web Analytics) section? Also, any changes I need to make to the NmsTracking_ClickFormula & NmsTracking_OpenFormula?



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To update your Link Labels, click the Link icon on the side of the email, and you will see a screen like this below, where you can modify your label and category.



Yes, add the UTM param in the brand configuration and add in the value content.tracking.clickLabel (I'm not 100% sure with the content path is for the click labels)



Hope this helps.


Thank you! Appreciate the response. Yes it does help. So adding the UTM param in the brand configuration will apply to the address bar and pass it to AA? Basically does both?

Yes. We use it for GA, not AA, but as long as your AA is configured correctly, it should pull it. 

Ok, so I am not seeing it display in the address bar with the rest of the UTM parameters. Not sure what else needs to be updated for that to display. I will check AA next to see if data arrives there.


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I am still not having any luck. My latest attempt has been on NmsTracking_ClickFormula. I appended "<%= context.tracking.urlLabel %>" and it is still not working. 


Any other thoughts from anyone? 

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