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Tagging campaigns and deliveries


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I think it would be an amazing quality of life feature to add the ability to tag different deliveries and campaigns.


Currently, the intergration with Adobe Analytics relies far too heavily on the establishment of naming conventions and it is difficult to adhere to a particular naming convention among multiple teams and team members across a large organisation. Having tagging and enabling functionality to allow segments in dashboards to be created based on these tags rather than strict naming conventions in a delivery label would make reporting much easier as well as general searching for marketing activities within Adobe Campaign itself.


We could tag by product, tag by audience, age group etc and this would provide a far more holistic solution for Adobe Campaign and its integration with Adobe Analytics.



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Hello @dcy_96 


You can extend the nms:operation schema and update the operation form to add new fields to your campaign form.

Then while creating the campaign you can add the appropriate values to those fields and then you can measure performance. 


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Apologies, I meant to post this in the Adobe Campaign Standard forum, not the Adobe Campaign Classic community. Thanks for reaching out anyway.