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Exporting heat maps (hot clicks)


Level 3


When viewing the "hot click" report for a campaign, you can see the creative with the % of clicks overlaid. I would like to be able to export this "hot click map" (aka heat map" into a JPEG or PDF so I can share it with others, paste into a PPT, etc. The only way I can do so now is if I print my screen, but that often cuts off most of the heat map image in the current ACS view. This makes heat maps not very helpful, despite all email marketers wanting to see and leverage them.





This is a good idea. We will add this into our backlog and work on this as soon as we have an opportunity. For the moment, this is not prioritized.


Level 1


I found a way to do it but it's very manual and can only be done per email delivery. Select all and then print. You'll get a dialogue box that gives the option to save as a pdf. You'll see the heat map for the entire email in there. 


Ideally Adobe Campaign Standard enables an easy mass pull of these in the future.