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Better From Validation and Data Cleansing


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We ran into an issue where our proofs were not being delivered because of invalid characters in the headers.  The error in Campaign was this:

Not Defined" as Nature of Failure, and Reason "550 5.6.0 Lone CR or LF in headers (see RFC2822 section 2.2)

This ended up being pretty difficult to track down and does not provide the user with enough detail as to what field was causing the issue.  We'd either like to see some validation on any fields that could cause or provide some data cleansing to strip this out before saving to the database.



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I agree. We encountered this problem in October 2018 and I reported it to Adobe through ticket. They had problems identifying the problem and kept blaming client or some other deliverability issue, while at the same time pointing at many others having the same issue. We had to locate the actual problem ourselves (CR in subject line), but I had no success convincing them that it's a bug in the product.

We were in the end given word that "We will pass this on as a suggestion to be taken up in later Releases".

Looking through the ticket history just now I can see that one of the clients we are working with file the exact same issue as a ticket in February, but this time not being solved at all, but pointing at unrelated issues/solutions.

While getting a fix like this to production is likely not a prioritized task and could take time (been over 6 months since I reported it), it would be great if it could at least be made public or that the info is provided by Adobe support. This should not be "pretty difficult to track down" when the exact same issue has been reported and a "work around" established months earlier.


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I've encountered the exact same issue. The problem was a linebreak in the subject line after the actual text contents of the subject line - hence, it was not visible. It makes no sense to enable the ability to create line breaks if it ends up causing errors.

The issue has occurred several times since then - and it has caused quite a lot of frustration among colleagues. It would be a huge relief to have just some kind of validation to avoid that kind of issues.


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As mentioned here there have been several tickets created to support requesting exactly that already.

I assume this is something that is already on the roadmap do be fixed.