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Auto Updating an Audience Count


Level 6


Currently we import a large number of stand alone lists into ACS and save these as an Audience (Type: List).

When you go into each Audience, it has a number count, and a 'Count Date' listed. Unfortunately that 'Count' number doesn't automatically update - it's a static number that relates to the original number of a list. The count date seems to update each time that audience is used for a mailing, but by looking at it, it suggests that the count number, would relate to the count date, which is not true.

Of course over time mailing lists deteriorate, so the list gets smaller unless we get sent an updated version, and often we get asked to report on how many people are on a particular list. To get that number we either have to count it via workflow, or scroll down, continually load ALL of the records until the number in the top right displays.

It would be very useful if the Count number was dynamic and automatically updated, or had the option to allow us to easily recalculate the count number.