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Using temporary schema in predefined filters


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I am trying to access a variable defined in the workflow in the predefined filters.

I have started with query activity on recipient schema and selected my recipient.

In the query activity , I have created a variable called WKFVAR


After the query activity , I have added a split with the below condition and saved it as filter.


The filter is created, but it gives error that the temporary schema is not defined

The DocumentType is also empty


My question is is it possible to use filter on the workflow variables?



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this is not how you should use the workflow variables.. In adobe campaign there is special set of variables which can be used for this purpose read the all types here -> JavaScript scripts and templates  . Also check how to call them from Java Script and how to reference them in query like activities such as split,cells, query, read group.....

Example: I want to create age variable in my predefined filter


The result in the value must read "value of parameter" if not you have to delete all possible quotes from the edit expression tab


After you have to define this variable in any Java script activity or in the Advanced tab in initialization script for any activity before or in activity where you are going to use this variable like so:




Everybody who is 18



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Hi Marcel,

Thanks for your reply.

I am not looking for this one. I have been using variables for long time.

My question is : is it possible to access a workflow schema e.g: temp:query3 (just an example) in the predefined filters.

in your example you are querying on the recipient Schema.

A good example is :

I have a workflow where i create a calculate columns called cars. This column cars does not exist in any schema . it only exist in the workflow temporary schema.

I want to create a filter on the columns cars.

cars= Audi

cars=BMW etc.

The problem is i am not able to use the cars column in the predefined filter.

I can create a filter based on workflow variables but when i revisit the filter then it throws error.

it works only one time

Not sure if it is even possible.




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No you cant do predefined filters on temporary schema.. can you tell what functionality you want to achieve maybe we can do something else