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Timezone Error in AC - Time zone' has generated an error


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Dear All,

We are facing an issue with time zone. When we try to access any delivery template especially DM templates we do get an error

Value 'Australia/Melbourne' is not valid for enumeration 'Time zones (xtk:common:timezone)'.


The graphical component 'Time zone' has generated an error.


Could you please let me know how to solve this issue. Also I do have  few clarifications

1. Can we add a new enumeration  for time zone in the out of the box schema ?

2. How does AC takes the timezone while creating any templates or any records ?


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Hi Anumol,

There is an option called WdbcTimeZone which stores information about the timeZone for the instance. The delivery template might be referencing this option through the <% include option> directive and if this is populated with a value not present in the timezone enum , it might throw an error like you are seeing.

You may add a new enum but it's not recommended to do it directly in the OOB schema. If you need it indeed , you should extend the schema.Else , you can go for the already defined enum of Australia/Canberra




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Hi Adhiyan,

I have checked the option  WdbcTimeZone  and we do not have any value specified in there . If that is the case from where else  the delivery template is referring to the time zone?


Thanks and Regards,

Anumol Antony


Level 10

Hi Anumol,

Cause of error:

You are using incorrect timezone in your delivery to set contactDateTimeZone, maybe you have some custom typology to assign the value or incorrect value for the delivery operator timezone or server timezone.

Allowed values are  for Australia are

  • Australia_Perth
  • Australia_Adelaide
  • Australia_Darwin
  • Australia_Brisbane
  • Australia_Canberra
  • Australia_Hobart


either update the timezone to correct value or update the "xtk:common:timezone" enum with one additional value.