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SMS in Mid-source deployment


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Hi All,

I have a question on how SMS works with mid-source architecture.


We have a hybrid/mid-source deployment (https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/campaign-classic/using/installing-campaign-classic/deployment...). This means the mta is running on mid-source instance. For email deliveries it works fine and we have used the delivery mode 'Mid-sourcing' in the external accounts.

Now for SMS sending we plan to use a SMPP account. We have used the delivery mode 'Bulk Delivery'. this is because, only for this type we get the option to enter the SMPP details (for the connector Extended Generic SMPP'). However, the delivery sendout using this routing account is always in 'Start Pending' state. I guess, this is because, the system is trying to send a delivery using the marketing instance and since there is no MTA running, it is not successful.


My question is - Do we need to configure this SMPP account on the mid-source instance and then use the 'Mid-sourcing' external account (with same internal name as the mid-source SMPP account) in the marketing instance? If not, what is the approach of sending SMS for this kind of architecture.






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Hi @subhajit9830660 

below the step by step to use the mid sourcing smpp connector to your sms provider. 


1. Create in the mid sourcing server the operator account you gonna use in your mkt server to connecto to the mid. 

2. Give the correct right for this operation, mid sourcing deliveries and external account (read|write)

3. Create your mkt sms external account with a delivery mode "midsourcing" 

4. Use the mid operator (previously created) to your mkt sms external account and tet the connection

5. Create your mid sms external account to your sms provider with the <InternalName_midServer>+"_"+<internalName_mktserver>


Let me know if you have any other questions 

(or open a support ticket with our team.)