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Populate hidden value in a form for submission


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Hi everyone,

I am building a Web Application with Adobe Campaign to update user records based on the email of a user. (So email act as the primary key)

I passed the email to the url in an email and I got the value of the <input> field for email prefilled in the form for users to update their data using JS.

However, the value could not be passed to the database after clicking the submit button unless I manually enter the value in the <input> box again.

Is there any way to enable me to pass the value of a prefilled <input> field to the form submission so that I can update a user's record based on their email?

I confirm the defaultValue and value in the input tags are prefilled correctly.

Also, as I am not using the Information Services for subscription due to some reasons, does it mean that I cannot use the "Update" option in the Storage? I keep getting errors on this and I can only use "Insert or Update", which keeps generating new records if email is empty(not passed to the Storage)...

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Hi Andrea,

You should have the prefilled values in a field in the form code normally, and perhaps just hide the field with CSS?

I hope this helps!

All the best,