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[NEW] - Control Panel new features and enhancements FY'22 (Jan & Feb).



The Control Panel team is happy to announce new features and enhancements to existing features for all ACS/ACC customer of v7/v8! The following are available for general use for all customer admins.

  1. Service Transparency – Ability to visualize trends and patterns on Batch and Blast throughput and transactional messages latency across all channels combined.
    1. Introduced a new subtab under ‘Performance’ tab - Metrics and patterns around Throughputs and Latencies across all channels to gauge the performance of Marketing campaigns.
  2. Long Running Queries -  
  1. List top 5 long-running queries in the Control Panel, a new section introduced under Database - DB Utilization. This metric can help customer admin gauge typical symptoms that like
    1. Login issues
    2. Slowness in sending batch emails.
    3. Slowing DB and simple queries taking too long to execute. 
  2. Alerts to subscribed customer admins when a query continues to run beyond 24 hours.
  1. SSL certificates operations on new subdomains – Enhancement
    1. SSL certificates operations can now be performed on a newly set up subdomain, even if the deliverability audit is still in progress.
  2. Enhance WFs metrics with additional options to query and take actions –
    1. Enhancement to display WFs that have the following options enabled. (Bad practice on Prod) Plus an option to clean them accordingly.




Keep Result

The option "Keep interim results" of the workflow is checked. This should not be used on production as it could increase drastically database usage.

Show SQL

The option "Log SQL result" is checked. This could impact platform performances and fill in the log files on the server, which should not be on production.

Production no supervisor

Workflows with a "Production" flag, but no supervisor operator in the setup to be alerted if the workflow crash.


For more information about the release check out the Release Notes, the Documentation and the Release Content.


Many more exciting features and enhancements on Campaign Control Panel coming soon. Keep tuned in. 



Adobe Campaign Control Panel Team.


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