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Message Center Implementation: Minimal Setup


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Hi All,

I want to implement message center for real time mailers and SMS with personalisation. I have imported the execution and control instance in same machine.

My Objective is as follows:

--> We have a schema where we receive real time records from other system.

--> Whenever records gets inserted in the schema I want to send a personalized Email and SMS to the user with some condition check. (The deliveries will be different depends upon the specific column value for eg. Product Code).

I want to know how we can create a event which will capture the insertion of records in schema and sends the required data for execution instance.

I have completed following activities as of now:

Imported Control and Execution Instance

Created Transactional Templates

Any help will be helpful.

Thanks in advance.

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Wouldn't it be easier for the external system to point to the message center and trigger the emails/sms automatically.