How to Track Cookie Consent in Adobe Campaign Classic



Hello Adobe Community,

As per the GDPR guidelines, it is necessary for a brand to display the privacy statement and get consent to track cookies.

We can configure the Banner in a Web Application to display it on Landing Page and Form for the users,

But I am having a hard time in figuring out how to track the cookie consent. Is there a way to document it as a field to the recipient.

I am attaching a screen shot for your reference.  How to track if the user has chosen the ACCEPT OR REFUSE..

This is the code for OptOutBanner in the sandbox

<div onClick="NL.ClientWebTracking.closeOptOutBanner(this);" id="defaultOptOutBanner">

          <p>Please insert your message here

            <a onClick="NL.ClientWebTracking.allow();" class="optout-accept">Accept</a>

            <a onClick="NL.ClientWebTracking.forbid();" class="optout-decline">Refuse</a>



webapplication with banner configuration.png

Please let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks in Advance..!

Best Regards

Sai Mohan





Hi Sai,

I believe the simplest solution is to extend recipient data schema and use xtk.session Write method fired by clicking button. Also additional cookie when someone clicks on Accept button can be helpful. You need to write some code in JavaScript to achieve this, but It will prevent banner from displaying one more time.