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How to set up the Direct Mail (physical snail mail) Channel in Campaign Classic?


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Hi there,

I am just wondering how to set up the direct mail channel in campaign classic?

I am aware that I would probably have to set up something in the External Account section, but I really need a step-by step process on this as I can't figure it out.

Also, how will it work once set up? I assume the company we are outsourcing our mail to will receive a csv file with all the recipients and their info, as well as a template for the physical mail (a pdf?)

Any help on this is much appreciated.

Thanks so much in advance !

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You can go through below links to know step by step process

Creating Direct Mail Deliveries in Adobe Campaign Classic |

About direct mail channel

Yes your understanding is right once file is generated you can share the files to mail providers or they can pick up from sftp locations where it is generated provided they have access for that location


Level 3

Hi there

I have a similar question which is not answered by resources i've seen in the help files.

I'm able to generate the direct mail extraction file via a CSV - how do I get the csv emailed to a specific email address? I can see that under the 'service providers' list there is an option to do so (this is also mentioned here Providers, stocks and budgets ) but I can't see any documentation on how to actually use either of the Notification email or Post-processing features.


I can also see this technical delivery template for the notification of the extraction file (below) which looks like what I need, however I can't seem to select this in the 'notification email option'?? Do i need to make a copy of this into Resources>templates>delivery template?