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How to create user profiles in Adobe Campaign via Javascript or through SOAP API ?


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We have a use case to automate the User Profile creation when the new user is onboarded on the Adobe Campaign ( Classic V7,8984). Currently this process is manual.

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If you are talking about the creation of Campaign  operator, you could use the JS bellow :


var operator = NLWS.xtkOperator.create({
 operator : {
  email : 'email@domain.net',
  label : 'auto generated operator'
operatorGroup : {
group : {
type : 2
name : 'local'
} } }; operator.save();
NLWS.xtkOperator.ResetPassword( operator.name, 'newPassword') //of course fill a strong and random password here
logInfo('New Operator created : ' + operator.name )

The operatorGroup is added because at least 1 right is needed to connect to Campaign. But you can change and configure what you need (and add other rights, but using Array [] instead of simple object {})