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Connect Adobe Campaign with Adobe Analytics


Level 4


I have a problem.

My attempt to connect Adobe Analytics to Adobe Campaign does not work.

I hope someone can help me.

My procedure:

I have everything set up at Adobe Analytics.


And at Adobe Campaign, I've got it all set up.


I think I forgot something?

Do I have to create a special user for Campaign?

Will the Account ID still show up somewhere?

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Level 7


This link might help you to verify the steps you have followed :

Configure Campaign-Analytics integration




Level 4

  Adobe Campaign Version


    |           Adobe Campaign       |


     |                                   |

     |                                   |

     |                                   |

     |                                   |

     v                                   v

Standard                          Classic v6.11 & v7

You can consider Campaign Classic (v6 or v7) a different product from Campaign Standard.

So if you have a client console, it means you have v6 or v7, not Campaign Standard.

New builds/updates are regularly deployed for both Classic and Standard.

Adobe Campaign Classic is the extensive cross-channel engagement platform that delivers deep and rich campaign management and delivery options. It can be deployed on-premise, in a hybrid deployment or fully hosted option and for those marketers with more advanced data needs or who need a bit more customization, this is a very powerful solution for them.

Adobe Campaign Standard is a fully web-based, on-demand solution for cross-channel campaign management which also spans online and offline. ACS was built from the ground up to be available on any browser or device and largely leverages drag and drop for campaign management and content building. With many of the same capabilities of ACC, this is a great option for marketers who have more straightforward data management needs.


Adobe Campaign Standard vs Adobe Campaign v6.1