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📢 Announcement: Adobe Campaign Mentorship Program 2023 | Shine out in the Communities!



Greetings Campaign Community! 

We are thrilled to introduce ~ The Adobe Campaign Community Mentorship Program 2023 ~ aimed at providing an immersive Community driven learning experience to Campaign users and thereby achieving valuable Adobe Certifications. This program brings our Campaign Community experts – Mentors – together with our newer aspiring product learners – Aspirants – to foster knowledge-sharing, guidance, and mutually beneficial opportunities for professional growth, enabling our new Campaign users to eventually become experts.  


Program Timeline:

The Mentorship Program is officially commencing on Monday, August 28th and will run for 10 weeks. During this period, participants will have the opportunity to engage in enriching mentorship relationships, gain valuable insights, and work towards obtaining certifications in their desired fields.  

  • August 28th, 2023: Program Announcement / Applications Open  
  • September 10th, 2023: Application Window Closes 
  • September 11th - September 24th, 2023: Mentor & Aspirant Mapping 
  • September 25th - November 3rd, 2023: Mentors and Aspirants Collaborate 
  • November 6th, 2023: Program Closure 

Program Resources:

To support your learning journey and achieve certifications, we have curated comprehensive sets of resources, including study materials, practice exams, online courses, and reference guides.   

We’ll be sharing these out in weekly/ bi-weekly playbooks towards moving up the learning ladder, across the different Adobe Certification levels:  

Mentorship Process:  

  1. Registration: To join the Mentorship Program, please complete either the Aspirant Application form, or the Mentor Application form . Each form will ask for your preferred area of certification, your current skill level, and any specific Mentor-preferences you may have. This will help us match you with the most suitable available Mentor for your needs.  
  2. Mentors x Aspirants: Connect & Kick Off Call ~ Our team will carefully review the registration forms and pair/ group Mentors and Aspirants based on their areas of expertise, availability, and compatibility. We strive to create mutually beneficial connections that promote effective learning and guidance.  
  3. Kick off Call: Once the Mentors and Aspirants have been finalized, we will arrange an initial meeting to facilitate introductions and establish expectations. During this meeting, Mentors will discuss the certification process, provide guidance on study plans, and share insights based on their own experiences.  
  4. Ongoing Mentorship: Following the initial meeting, Mentors will be given dedicated contextual threads in the Community, where Aspirants can reach out to connect with them regularly for guidance on their Adobe Campaign learning experience, as well as practical applications of Adobe Campaign. This can look like anything from Q&A discussions and mock exams, to feedback on study progress and words of encouragement.  
    During the Mentorship Program, we’ll gauge levels of engagement:  
    • Mentors’ Levels of Engagement, determined by: Number of Aspirants (from their team) clearing the certification exams, as well as blog content for personal branding, if authored.   
    • Aspirants’ Level of Engagement, determined by: Certification passed, as well as Community engagements through accepted solutions, posts, and kudos.  
  5. Program Completion: The goal of this program is for Aspirants to successfully gain Campaign expertise by obtaining their desired certifications, and for Mentors to flex their Adobe Campaign expert muscles towards supporting and guiding Aspirants throughout their learning journey and develop and demonstrate their professional leadership and product expertise skills (some exclusive Adobe swag may also be included!) Spots will be limited, so apply today.   


Join the Mentorship Program:

We encourage all Community Members interested in upgrading their skill levels to participate in this Community driven Mentorship Program. By leveraging the expertise of our Community's Mentors, you'll gain invaluable insights to accelerate your learning, and enhance your professional prospects.    

To register for the Mentorship Program, please complete either the Aspirant Application form, or the Mentor Application form by September 10th. Please also note that there are early bird certificate vouchers, so be sure to act fast!  


If you have any questions or require further information, please don’t hesitate to Reply or DM. Let's unlock our full potential together through the Adobe Campaign Community Mentorship Program 2023 – apply today!    

Sukrity Wadhwa

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3 Replies


Level 3


I have missed this wonderful opportunity. 

May I know if there are any upcoming events in 2024 ?

Or can we get some documentation or recordings from last program. 


Thanks in advance