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☕[Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break] Nov 11th, 8am PT: Anh Tran, Technical Consultant☕



Join us for our next Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break, on Thursday, November 11th, 2021 @ 8am PT


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We'll be joined by Anh Tran aka @antran_adobe, Technical Consultant for Adobe Campaignwho will be signed in here to the Adobe Campaign Community to chat directly with you on this thread to take your Adobe Campaign questions pertaining to his areas of expertise: 

  • Message Center - Best Practices & Guardrails
  • Use of Message Center APIs



  1. Must be signed in to the Community during the 1-hour period 
  2. Must post a Question about Adobe Campaign Coffee Break topic on this thread
  3. Think of this as the Adobe Campaign Community equivalent of an AMA, (“Ask Me Anything”), and bring your best speed-typing game



  1. Click the blue “Reply” button at the bottom right corner of this post
  2. Begin your Question with @antran_adobe 


Capture.PNGAnh is a Technical Consultant in Campaign Engineering, and has over 8 years of experience in supporting and assisting with customization for Adobe Campaign. Anh has held roles as Technical Support Engineer, Customer Success Engineer in the Technical Operations team, and most recently as a Technical Consultant in the Campaign Value Accelerator team. Anh uses his expertise and passion for problem solving to make recommendations for optimization, technical solutioning, and emphasizes adherence to best practices.

Sukrity Wadhwa

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Hello Everyone,

Happy to be here and chatting with you all today. I look forward to answering your questions related to Message Center.



Hi @antran_adobe, Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions today!

This question was originally posted by Community member @vendimb15716755 :


is there a way I can call the xtk.write to insert data from the Message center template or within the personalized block? I am executing the template event via SOAP Api usingRT event so I also want to capture some on those data  ( email/name/order info) on the campaign.


Sukrity Wadhwa



Hi @vendimb15716755,

The data that you post within the API call does come back down to the Control instance (usually this is the Marketing instance).


This is found under: /Message Center/Event history/




This is available within the nms:eventHisto [Event XML]. From here, you can run a workflow on the Marketing instance to query the eventHisto table and parse the XML and then write the results to a schema.


The other solution is to make an additional API call to the Marketing instance (right after the one to trigger the RT event) to write the same data set to a custom schema.



Thank you for coming to the Coffee Break!


I would like to leave the following notes/tips regarding Message Center:


1) Ensure that you have workflow supervisors set up for Message Centers technical workflows: mcSynch_mcExec*. This will enable you to react quickly if there are any issues with the workflows.


2) Keep an eye on "Message Center service level" report. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/transactional-messaging/reports/messa...


3) Unpublish templates that are no longer in use to keep the system as clean as possible as well as avoiding in sending an unwanted transactional message by mistake. Please note that this capability is available starting Campaign 20.2 release. https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/transactional-messaging/message-templ...


4) Testing message center:

From a marketer’s perspective, you can follow the testing as outlined below: https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/campaign-classic/using/transactional-messaging/message-templ...,


However, from a developer perspective, once Templates are published to the Execution instance, make sure you can trigger an event and receive the email successfully. You can perform tests using tools such as SoapUI or Postman.


Also ensure that the IP(s) for any systems that trigger the API calls are on the Allowlist for the Message Center instance(s). Additionally, ensure that your internal firewalls allow outbound traffic to the Message Center instance.



Thanks a lot @antran_adobe for taking out the time to chat with us today! This is supremely helpful.

Sukrity Wadhwa