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Join us for our next Adobe Campaign Community Q&A Coffee Break, on Thursday, December 2nd, 2021 @ 8am PT


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We'll be joined by Zariely Garcia aka @Zariely8, Senior Technical Consultant for Adobe Campaignwho will be signed in here to the Adobe Campaign Community to chat directly with you on this thread to take your Adobe Campaign questions pertaining to her areas of expertise: 

  • Data Import via other applications - Best practices to import data via SFTP/APIs using technical workflows



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Zariely is a technical consultant and digital marketer with over 9 years of experience in hands-on implementation and execution of complex marketing programs.


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Employee Advisor

@Zariely8 - when uploading files using gzip and other functions, ACC loads the file firstly to the ACC server (not ACC SFTP). Is there ever a need to check how much space this is taking up? Or cleaning up the files stored on the server?



If you’re uploading files on a regular cadence, the best practice would be to use the File collector or File transfer activities.  These activities have file historization settings that automatically purge files, which can be configured.




For ad hoc loads using the Data loading (file) activity, there are no set cleanup processes. However, Adobe has monitoring tools in place that will alert us of any disk space issues that may arise. We can work with you to help you clean up those unused files.



Greetings! Hope I'll be able answer everyone's questions today.



Hi @Zariely8, Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions today!

This question was originally posted by Community member @dhanvanthip:


I am not able to export data to SFTP server through workflow.

Can anyone explain how to use Export activity just for information we have around 11million data to export.





Employee Advisor

In my experience there can be an issue on the actual SFTP folder not allowing the ACC operator to place the file. I would double check the settings/rights within the SFTP folder to allow other systems to place files.



If you’re transferring a file directly to the Adobe SFTP, you can use the Data extraction (file) activity and specify the full file path there.



Instructions on how to configure this activity are found here:



If you’re attempting to transfer files outside of Adobe, you can use the File transfer activity after the Data extraction (file) activity, and link to a pre-configured external account. In this scenario, you’d just give a file name rather than the full file path in the Data extraction activity. 







Thanks a lot @Zariely8 for taking out the time to chat with us today! This was supremely helpful.



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