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Add metadata in Message Center technical WKF


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Hello all,

WE have added 5 new metadata variables in delivery schema and form to add some custom info in our deliveries, products, etc. We can select them correctly in MC templates. The problem is how to recover the values of this variables in the MC generated deliveries. The delivery schema in RT Execution instance had been updated

to have these new metadata vars.

Our idea is to modify OOB Message Center Technical Workflow to add these data in the flow but our changes doesn't show the new metadata vars.

Our changes in this workflow are the following. WE modify the two activities surrounded in red, to recover our metadata vars from RT Execution instance ( where the MC templates are published and generates the emails).


In the intermediate tab, when doing the query to broadloom schema we add our delivery metadata vars.

screenshot-2 .png

We have added our metadata vars in the red circle in the above image using these lines of code:

<node alias="@productG1Id" expr="[delivery/@productG1Id]"/>

<node alias="@productSG2Id" expr="[delivery/@productSG2Id]"/>

<node alias="@product3Id" expr="[delivery/@product3Id]"/>

Problem : the schema after theses two activities doesn't take into account our new metadata variables. Always have the same structure with delivery-id, event_date, validity_time, status, etc.

Here in the delivery update activity we want to insert/update our metadata vars with the values recovered from the the RT execution instance.


Problem 2: As is the recover activity our vars is not recovered, we cannot use them in the source expression.

What we are doing wrong?



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Just to clarify, have you extended the delivery schema and then updated the database structure???