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Workflow Heatmap Alerts


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We'd like to alert users when the Heatmap hits yellow or red levels, thereby allowing them to re-prioritize campaign execution in order for us to avoid system bandwidth issues. Is there a quick way about this, or does it require a technical workflow? If a technical workflow is required, what schema structure would you reference related to the Heatmap?


Pls respond to my question as it is a high priority for us.


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Hi @ignatius_dilip ,

For a technical workflow, you can try creating a below setup


Scheduler to run Every 30 minutes. 

In Workflow heatmap, color code is represented for every 5 minutes. But for the technical workflow, it is not advised to schedule a scheduler to trigger less than every 15 minutes. So, schedule the workflow to run every 30 minutes.


Targeting and filtering dimension as xtk:workflow


@state equal to  started


@nextProcessingDate on or after  GetDate()


@nextProcessingDate on or before AddMinutes( GetDate() , 30) 

Optionally, you can add @builtIn equal to No, to not to include out of the box workflows.

This Query will fetch all the custom workflow which is scheduled to run in next 30 minutes. You can add or modify the condition as per your requirement. ParthaSarathy_1-1700229599907.png


Test Activity:

To alert if there are more than 20 workflows scheduled to run in next 30 minutes. and configure alert activity to trigger notification.

vars.recCount > 20



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Hi Partha,


Thanks for your suggestion. 

But my requirement is, can we create a workflow similar to what you have suggested based on the Heatmap color code turning orange or red?


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Hello @ignatius_dilip 


It will be very difficult to render the same heatmap in the email.


What you can do is use the condition mentioned in the above post and then group the output with the Hour and Minute of nextProcessingDate column and get the counts of the workflows.


The Heatmap uses this format to colour code the counts:

Counts Color Code
1 #70E500
2 #8BE90A
3 #A6ED13
5 #C1F11D
8 #DCF526
12 #F7F930
18 #F7C733
24 #F89536
30 #F8643A
38 #F9323D
50 #F90040

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