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Where to find temp tables created for Deliveries


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I'm trying to figure out where we can find the temp tables created while the delivery execution because while checking in the database, I can see many temp tables created in "wkDlv_15487_1" format. I have checked in different schemas but unable to locate them. It would be great if you can help me with the path and also the ways we can delete them as it consumes undue memory space. I'm aware database cleanup workflow performs the deletion activity but in our case, I can still identify many temp tables not being deleted in the database.


I have checked the same in the xtkworkflow schema where we have a visual status column that helps with the temp tables even there I didn't spot these values.

In addition to the above information, there are different values that get populated out of which one is the mDataSourceContext column below is the format for the same.

<?xml version='1.0'?> <dataSource><id>XXXXX</id><workflowId>XXXXX</workflowId><workflowName>XXXXX</workflowName><workflowLabel>XXXXX</workflowLabel><taskId>XXXXX</taskId><taskName>XXXXX</taskName><taskLabel>XXXXX</taskLabel><instanceName>XXXXX</instanceName></dataSource>


Thanks in Advance.



Himanshi Sharma

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Hi @Himanshi_S ,

The temporary tables created during delivery execution are stored in the schema associated with the delivery's target mapping. The naming convention for these tables is typically in the format of "wkDlv_{deliveryId}_{taskId}".

To locate these tables, you can search for the specific delivery in the Adobe Campaign interface and then navigate to the delivery's target mapping. From there, you can view the schema associated with the target mapping and locate the temporary tables.

If you're unable to find these tables in the database, it's possible that they may have already been deleted or that they are stored in a different schema than you were checking.

To delete these temporary tables, you can either use the "Database Cleanup" workflow in Adobe Campaign, which will remove all temporary tables that are no longer in use, or you can manually delete the tables from the database using SQL commands. However, it's important to note that deleting these tables manually can be risky and should only be done with caution. It's recommended to take a backup of the database before making any changes.



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Thanks, Abhinav for your Response

I have checked the delivery target mapping and the schema associated with it and it was some custom recipient table that we had created.


Still, I'm not able to view the above values. Can you help me with the column name under which these values get captured? Also, is it related to any particular delivery state i.e (start pending, ready to be delivered, etc), or do the values get captured for all the deliveries?

PFB the delivery target mapping that I have referred is it correct or do I need to refer to any other settings?




Himanshi Sharma



Hi @abhinav99,

Could you please help @Himanshi_S further here with their query?


Sukrity Wadhwa