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we are not able to acess List data in adobe campaign


Level 3

We are not able to access List data in adobe campaign, we can see the list name....IN ADOBE campaign


upon checking in database we cant find this 'grp table' : any idea why this list data is not access these tables 

is there any workflow which is deleting the tables?///         



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Level 2

Can you see the list content immediately after running the workflow?


Otherwise, I would suggest to disable the write to list activity and display the target:


Check if all the information you need is there.
On this simple workflow, I'm writing the List as follows:



Even after the cleaning workflow run, deleting the workflow that created this list, the data stayed there. 



Level 5

Hi @Shrutii ,


Have you tried re running the Workflow where the list is getting created?


Also, Please check the Data in the Workflow by enabling the Interim results in Workflow properties.


After the workflow completes, go to Profiles and Targets --> Lists and check whether the List got created and you can able to see the Content in it.


After completing this, Please check the group List Table (nms:rcpGrpRel) you are referring to for the Data.