Throttling Email Deliveries





We regularly throttle emails using the waves options in delivery properties but have recently noticed that Adobe Campaign has its own processing rules per domain in MX Management.


From what I can understand, throttling by domain is already taking place so does additional throttling need to be applied? Appreciate this may differ depending on whether volumes are large/small or whether targeting engaged/less engaged customers. Any advice would be most grateful.





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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello @lcharlwood ,


If you are using the Gold standard version with Enhanced MTA then MX management delivery throughput rules are no longer used. Enhanced MTA has its own rules which controls the throught put.


Irrespective of MX rules it is always recommended to use the waves while sending a large volumes. You can check your daily volumes and according to that you may want to increase or decrease the daily volumes and can use the multi wave delivery to divide the volumes in multiple days.


As a best practice, You can increase the daily volumes by 25-30% according your deliver ability results.