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Hi All,

We're trying to send Delivery information over to our CRM system, but are encountering significant slowness and eventual timeouts. I'm curious if others have experienced the same situation? How do you send email information into CRM?

We are trying to send only a few fields -- a mirror page URL link that we used javascript to create (but is just text at the time of being sent), the label, the description, and the Delivery Code.

This works perfectly on a small scale, however when put to our actual sending scale, it appears to send only 500 records every 4 minutes -- this results in hours of transmitting data and then the connector activity eventually times out and stops transmitting. Adobe support found at its peak it was sending as many as 51K per hour, but this is still well short of our desired goal.

- Customer service needs insights into the email sends right away, because thats when customers call in.

So my question is -- what do you send over to CRM? Do you experience latency when at scale? What other ways to manage to populate closer to real time information about email sends into your CRM system?



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Accepted Solutions (1)




Hi Robbie,

When computing mirror page URL using javascript, you're probably doing api calls to Adobe Mid sourcing plus using query def to select only records that were not processed.

Basically you have 2 limitations here:

- numbers of API call that you can make to Adobe server. Please verify this with your account manager.

- query def supported volume

I did something like your use case in the past and adding a lineCount to my query def parameter reduce the time to update my crm table

  e.g var request = '<queryDef schema="temp:deliveryEmail2" operation="select" startLine="' + counter + '" lineCount="4000" > ';



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