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Relaying email through another MTA vs midsourcing


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We are trying to setup ACC to relay email through another MTA on our network.
We've managed to do this by editing the serverside configuration XML for the instance and adding the <mta> relay configuration.

However the performance is limited to 75 messages per minute for some reason. We cannot seem to figure out where this is configured
and how we can change this. We have tried to add an MX rule but it's not being take into account (logically).

Any advise on where to go from here , since 75/m is not realy the performance we're looking for , and our MTA can accept much much more traffic then that.

Appreciated for any pointers,

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Hello @bramvandaele 


You can look at the stat process documentation on how the email is delivered via MTA child processes and how it distributes the email traffic,

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@Manoj_Kumar_ well , that's unfortunately what I'm saying, is that relaying does not take those settings on MX rules into account.
For example : we send to gmail.com addresses at a rate of 1M msgs/hour via midsourcing.
If we however set the midsourcing configuration to relay , it doesn't take into account that setting and pushes 75 msgs/minute.