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"signing id" error in delivery logs


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For the past 3 or 4 months, for some reason, some of our delvery logs return a strange error "signing id" : 




For a same delivery template (same code), part of the sendings are OK, a little part of it return this error.


Example of a full error:

signing: id=h94df6782%2C27370b0e%2C2740c87e&p1=abc-2007-ww-fr-00-1&p2=abc-2007-ww-fr-00-1&p3=WW-FR-NA-NA&p4=cd897e3abd4b936877ddb310f27a41b47b6849f529cfefa714b7e70340c1e7de signing: id=h94df6782%2C27370b0e%2C2740c87f&p1=%40E2oJAu%2FyXs4j6TUtona113MQjaPhEQX4citUi072EMg%3D signing: id=h94df6782%2C27370b0e%2C2740c880&p1=xxxx%40xxx.com&p2=693724465 signing: id=h94df6782%2C27370b0e%2C2740c881&p1=abc-2007-ww-fr-00-1&p2=abc-2007-ww-fr-00-1&p3=WW-AR-NA-NA&p4=cd897e3abd4b936877ddb310f27a abc-2007-ww-fr


it is pointing to tracked URL parameters as you can see with p1=, p2=, etc.


Have you ever seen this error?


Thank you for your help

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Can you please copy and paste the entire error please . you can remove any client data .

Hello, I have edited my initial post with an entire error.. hope this helps..