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Query Database


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I am trying to query the database through a script in a web app, but when providing the country location in the database, it is throwing an error. The folder is gmlocation/country under recipients. This is the error below.

Attribute 'country' unknown (see definition of schema 'Recipients (nms:recipient)'). XTK-170036 Unable to parse expression '@country='CAN''. SOP-330011 Error while executing the method 'ExecuteQuery' of service 'xtk:queryDef'.


Here is an sample of the script I am trying to query.

var query = xtk.queryDef.create(
  <queryDef schema="nms:recipient" operation="getIfExists">
      <node expr="@email"/>
      <node expr="@id"/>
    <condition expr={"@email='"+ctx.recipient.@email+"'"}/>
    <condition expr={"@sourceType='Media'"}/>
    <condition expr={"@country='CAN'"}/>
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Hello @StrawHatM23,

country is to found under [location/@countryCode] and it is ISO A2 not A3 so you condition should be




<condition expr={"[location/@countryCode]='CA'"}/>





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 I am still receiving an error. Here is a screenshot of my configure list. 

I tried using 

<condition expr={"[gmLocation/@country]='CAN'"}/>


Screenshot (24).png


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Hello @StrawHatM23 
Must be missing something.
Please share your latest error, and if possible share the schema definition for [gmLocation/@country]

Generating queryDef query should be simple with below steps:
1/ Navigate to schema; Data tab
2/ Use Advanced filter and apply your query filter

3/ Ensure the results are loaded

4/ Re-open the filter; Right-click and choose Edit XML source...


Hope this helps!