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Postgres DB Configuration: Accessing a postgre schema


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I am looking for a way to set up a connection to a postgre non-public schema in AC Classic. Normally the connection to the postgre database uses the public schema. So in the instance configuration file you can set the user, password, and connection and server.  However, in case I want to group several schemas inside one postgre database, I would need to specify the schema to connect. For example, the idea is to have a schema for app, another for frontal, and another for message center. All of the schemas would be under one pg database.

The normal database configuration looks as follows
<dataSource name="default">

                <dbcnx encrypted="1" login="username:database" password="xxx" provider="postgres" server="localhost:5432" />

is there a way to specify in the datasource to connect to a specific postgres schema?
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