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Override IP adresses in proxyConfig


Level 2


I would like to add some IP adresses to override proxy configuration. I already have few DNSs and all works well,  my proxy config looks like this : 

<proxyConfig enabled="1" override="localhost*,*test.com*,*sample.com*" useSingleProxy="0">

But adding an IP adress to the list doenst seem to work.

<proxyConfig enabled="1" override="localhost*,*test.com*,*sample.com*,**" useSingleProxy="0">

Thanks for your help.


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2 Replies


Level 4

Hello @dhfw

Try without the (*) : 

<proxyConfig enabled="1" override="localhost*,*test.com*,*sample.com*," useSingleProxy="0">

It works for me like this.




Level 2

Hello Amine, 


Thanks for the answer, I tried it first without * and it didn't seem to work for me. If that works for you, then it must be something else from my end and not the syntax.


Thanks for your help.

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