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I have followed documentation to show inbound offer for anonymous user on website.

Created webapp (http://instancename/webApp/APP5) in the same instance and added below code


<div id="i_SPC4"></div>

<script id="interactionProposalScript" src="http://instancename/nl/interactionProposal.js?env=liveVisitor" type="text/javascript"></script>


After loading APP5, logged in with admin user, expectation is anonymous offers to load on the webpage, but offers are not getting loaded.

inbound offer.PNG

PFA screenshot, After loading webpage (http://instancename/webApp/APP5), I see success response from below urls

  1. http://instancename/nl/interactionProposal.js?env=liveVisitor
  2. http://instancename/interaction/?env=liveVisitor&ctx=i_SPC4%3ASPC4&z=0.8595316219095246 (2nd url initiated by 1st url) –but the response is empty. Ideally this url should give back offer response , so that it should be filled after <div id=”i_SPC4”> in web form



After drilling down little further, I see  error “JST-310039 Privilege escalation forbidden for 'Anonymous account'. (iRc=-56)” under web logs . This error comes when I hit 2nd url in the browser.


Can someone please help me to understand why offers are not getting displayed for anonymous user and how can I have it working

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)




Hello Anuhya, 


Please refer to:


Check for the existence of the option "XtkSecurity_Allow_PrivilegeEscalation = 1", if it doesn’t exist then you will have to created it.


"XtkSecurity_Allow_PrivilegeEscalation” if 1 is selected, this option allows privilegeEscalation in JavaScript."


This should address your issue.





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