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Marketing and Frontal Server Repointing (Hybrid Setup)


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Our Client team has decided to migrate from their existing data center which results in the repointing of MKT, Frontal, and DB servers from one data center to another. The DB migration has already been completed but we have a few questions on MKT and Frontal Migration.


What are the modifications we need to make while repointing the frontal server ?

For Marketing Instance, we have added the new set of IPs in the control panel. However, the mid external account connection could not be established.


Can you suggest if there are changes apart from the one mentioned that we need to consider for MKT and the Frontal server repointing?

Thanks in Advance.



Himanshi Sharma


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Hi @Himanshi_S 


Please test the connection from external account folders or send a test delivery to get an exact error message. 
You can also do an r/test to check if the mid is up and running. 

Usually, whether it's an IP whitelisting issue or load balancer redirection issue.




David Kangni


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Hi @DavidKangni and @akshaaga ,

It would be of great help. If you guys could help me here.


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@Himanshi_S ,

When repointing the frontal server and performing the migration for the Marketing (MKT) instance, there are several modifications and considerations you need to keep in mind.

Here are some steps and changes you may need to make:

  1. Update DNS Records: Ensure that the DNS records for the frontal server are updated to reflect the new IP address or domain name of the server in the new data center. This will allow clients and users to reach the frontal server at the correct location.

  2. Load Balancer Configuration: If you're using a load balancer in front of the frontal server, update the load balancer configuration to include the new server IP address or domain name. This ensures that traffic is correctly distributed to the new frontal server.

  3. Mid External Account Connection: If you're experiencing issues with the mid external account connection, verify the configuration settings for the external account in the MKT instance. Ensure that the connection details, such as the IP address, port, and credentials, are correctly updated to match the new frontal server.

Note: It's important to involve your IT and network teams during the migration process to ensure a smooth transition and address any specific considerations or requirements unique to your infrastructure.


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Thanks for the response.


For the Marketing instance: we have checked the Mid connectivity and the test connection is successful. However, while utilizing it for sending email delivery I'm getting the below error "Multiple Routing Provider(2) are active for this delivery channel:'defaultEmailBulk', 'EXT5'.DLV-490077 The configuration of the mid-sourcing server does not allow to execute this delivery".

We only have defaultMid external account enabled for this instance. Could you help me here?


For the Frontal server: The IT team has already taken care of the records that you have mentioned. The major issue here is while hosting an image in the public resource section we can do it successfully.

On the other hand, while adding the same image in the "c:\inetpub\wwwroot" path and appending the name of the image with the URL specified in the "Access from the Internet" section we are not able to view it.

The browser throws an error that says "Check if there is any typo in the URL"


I'm assuming the error might be because of the incorrect details in the publication mode option which in our case is "Other Adobe Campaign Server(s)" wherein we have added the instance name and Ip and Password of the frontal server. The catch here is we don't have the password for the instance and are unable to fetch it from any server config file.

Can you suggest where can we get the password or why are we facing this issue?



Himanshi Sharma