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Please help me to achieve this. i have created both table and link cus:dataOwnerMapping with nms:service but when i add dataOwnerId filed in form and add new form data it not allowed me to update the cus:dataOwnerMapping  table with serviceId and dataOwnerId. nms:service table PK should be save as serviceId in cus:dataOwnerMapping  with dataOwnerId.   

  • AC data model:
    • create a new table cus:dataOwnerMapping containing the serviceId + dataOwnerId
    • create a new table cus:dataOwner containing the dataOwner information: dataOwnerId, GPN, firstName, lastName etc
  • AC form changes:
    • enhance current AC service form to contain a new tab for adding and deleting data owners: linklist element for the link to the cus:dataOwnerMapping table
    • the pop-up with the addition/deletion of data owners would contain data owners which would be recipients fetched from the internal recipients folder (conditions to be added accordingly in the form)
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