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HttpClientRequest not working properly when using Keep Alive


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i used the example in the doc (Keep Alive example) https://docs.adobe.com/content/help/en/campaign-classic/technicalresources/api/c-HttpClientRequest.h...

to implement it in my real case.

i have an array with 50 json object that i want to insert in a DB using an external API , this is my code : 


      var apiRequest = new HttpClientRequest("www.myAPI.com");
      apiRequest.method = "POST";

     // open the connection with my api
		// loop through my array to insert each element. 50 calls ?

		for each(var contactObj in myArray){
		  var jsonObject = myMethodtoconstructMyObj(contactObj); 
		  apiRequest.body = jsonObject;
		  // here normally should call the API with POST and my jsonObject in the request body



But when i check my backend i found that the api is called only once (instead of 50) and i found only one element inserted.


could you please guide me what's the wrong with my code.


Regards !



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