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How to use segment codes in different workflows within a campaign?


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I named several segment codes in a split in Workflow_1, but i want to call them in Workflow_2 within the same campaign.


For example. I named in the 1st campaign a group of recipients with a segment code = Gold.

I want to do a query in the 2nd workflow to exclude these 'Gold' population. In order to save time so i dont need to do a query again, can i use the segment code?

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Hi @Javi_Landa ,

Yes, you can use segment code. for that, create a new attribute 'segment code' in broadlog schema and do the following configurations as per this community post


Next, in your delivery of WKF1, provide unique delivery code in delivery property 

eg, <campaign_name>_<workflowName>_<delivery1>



In WKF2, create a query as below, which will fetch all the recipients who got targeted in your 1st workflow for the segmentCode as Gold.

(incase if you have many deliveries in WKF1, you can modify the condition as

(delivery/@deliveryCode) is included in 'deliveryCode_of_delivery1','deliveryCode_of_delivery2','deliveryCode_of_delivery3' )


And use this query to exclude with WKF2 query